Before using any of the Ultimate Crypto shortcodes, you should setup the plugin. After installing the plugin and activating it, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Settings > Ultimate Crypto
    2. We’re temporarily storing real-time coin information  (such as price, volume, and marketcap) in your WordPress cache. The advantage is that WordPress can fetch information about coins really fast and doesn’t always have to call an external API. To do this, you need to let us know which coins we should import (and keep up-to-date) into your cache.Navigate to the Coins tab and select which coins you’d like to use within your website. Selecting coins is as simple as clicking on them. The plugin will automatically import their data, and keep it up to date on a regular interval.
      Selecting coins to import into your cache.
    3. Now that Ultimate Crypto knows which coins you’d like to use within your website, you can also select which currencies you’d like to use. Navigate to the Settings tab and select the currencies you’d like to use. The settings are saved automatically as you click them. You’ll also note that USD is always imported.
      Select currencies
    4. On the same screen, you’ll also notice the Cache results setting. Here, you can select how often new coin data should be fetched from the remote API.
    5. You are now ready to start using our shortcodes!